palitosgina.jpg Thanks to Gina one need never eat alone in Brazil. Since 1975 blue eyed Gina has accompanied many a feijoada and stroganoff across the country. Many Brazilian restaurants operate on a pay per kilo buffet system which feed millions of people on a daily basis. Finishing off the last mouthful of moqueca or couve how many of them, without thinking, call on Gina to help them freshen up. Gina's wooden toothpicks have in fact been in existence since 1947 but it was only in the mid 70s that someone had the idea to put the face of the family matriarch on the small brown box. In reality the face that appears on the box is that of the non-toothpick using Polish model Zofia Burk. Zofia, a much sought after model at the time, is now head of marketing for a major credit card company. Meanwhile Gina, who hasn't aged a day since she first appeared continues to live on tables and in cupboards across Brazil. Both have their own Orkut fan sites -