Outdoor Advertising - Water Consumption in Brazil

Is this really the most effective means to promote responsible use of water?

[caption id="attachment_300" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Use water responsibly!"]Use water responsibly![/caption]

I may be being a touch sensitive given that as a result of severe floods here in the south of Brazil, i Iike many people was without water for some time - nothing in comparison to the thousands of people who have lost lives, property, loved ones etc - HOWEVER... I'm not sure that the timing of my discovering this outdoor advertisement on a bus shelter from a water company promoting more conscientious consumption of water is the only thing that left me dumbfounded. In case you can't see from the photo the shell of the advert contains water itself in the bottom half. Not only the water but the electricity required to keep the water circulating within the plastic case of the poster seem to go against the theme of the message. It did get my attention though!