Blogs and consumer behaviour - some stats

The results of a recent quant study with Brazilian internet indicates the increasingly significant role and usage of blogs as a source of information and instrument in consumer opinion forming. The study lacks any detail or real understanding of the broader context of where information from blogs fit into broader consumer decision making, and the role of social networks and communities such as Orkut. However, the figures do indicate the increasing presence of blogs as one of the multitude of information sources being used by consumers.

72% of interviewees have used information from blogs to help make decisions about purchases

12% totally believe and 86% partially believe in the information that they find in blogs

89% of internauts have accessed a blog at least one time

Amongst the most popular blog topics are curiosities, humour, the internet, technology news and news in general

9% access blogs from outside of Brazil

24% maintain their own personal blog

the most popularly cited blgs spontaneously are Kibeloco, Humortadela e Acidez Mental, Blog do Juca

The research was undertaken by Instituto Qualibest who interviewed 1.820 men and women across Brazil, from all social classes