Changing Consumer Tastes

We've posted here at blogamericas a number of times about the rise in coverage of the new Brazilian consumer. We found a nice TV report (in Portugues) about some of the current trends that are resulting from a more affluent society. The report argues that the one time 'ice cream cone' consumers (those who went to the mall for an ice cream and some window shopping) are increasingly now active consumers. Whilst some have argues that there is an emerging middle class. the statistics contained in the article also indicate an increasing gap between the haves and have nots. The number of families with more than 4 times the average income has now reached nearly 50% and consumers are expected to spend this year alone R$450 Billion (280 Billion US$). A greater level of sophistication is clearly evident in the number of more specialist boutique stores. The report discusses the number of chocolate stores that are now replacing supermarkets as the primary purchase location.  As a result of this heightened sense of discrimination by consumers, stores are having to become more consumer focused.