Brazilians happier in church than at the match or in bed

The popular image of Brazil as a nation obsessed by football and sex are potentially challenged by the findings of a recent study by a social research institute based in the country. Whilst the media have focused on the low ranking of sex and football perhaps more interesting is the fact that the most popular responses to what brings Brazilians happiness. The fact that the church and travel score so highly are indicative of both broader established cultural trends and more recent shifts in the economic and cultural perspective. Religion continues to play an important role in the life of Brazilian society and thus its importance at 51% should not be surprising, reflecting its role as a social and community center. The fact that travel ranked as the second most popular response at 38% is perhaps more indicative of the increasing wealth and broadening horizons of an emerging Brazilian middle class.  This might also explain the fact that Concerts (27%) and Restaurants (25%) came in at 3rd and 4th with sex in 5th followed by TV viewing and participating in sport. Attending a football match was left lagging behind at just 10%.

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