The Listening Agency, The Guardian and Open Journalism

Although we have been in existence and working with some fantastic clients both here in Brazil and in the UK and US for some time now. We have never actually officially done anything to announce our presence here in Brazil. With that in mind, and to launch our new 'Listening Content' channel we are pleased to announce that we will be bring Piers Jones from the Guardian newspaper to Brazil to discuss the newspapers 'Open Journalism' policy, the implications and learnings from the first 6 months of the Facebook application, the first of its kind. Whilst we think that there is a great opportunity for shared learnings between the UK and Brazilian media in the field of social media, the importance and role of 'Listening' in the emerging information and opinion landscape is emphasized below in the interview with the Guardian's Catherine Shoard, discussing Open Journalism in the arts. We will be back with more information about Pier's visit to Brazil soon.

And just in case you haven't seen the 3 Little Pigs Open Journalism advert which is currently on air in the UK you can take a look here: