Green Marketing and Consumers in Brazil 2

To mark the UN Environment Day, TWRAmericas undertook a series of discussion groups with Brazilians to look not only at the issues as they relate to consumers in Brazil but also broader issues of sustainable development and ethical consumerism. The groups approached a broad range of subjects including current behaviours and responses to a range of 'green' advertising and activities by brands. Their are a series of 5 video clips with the thoughts of the participants. Please feel free to add your own own comments or thoughts on the issues discussed.

As the second set of clips show, Brazilians, or a certan sector of Brazilian society is well travelled and well informed and has customarily adapted experiences from other societies and cultures. Our groups included individuals with direct first hand experience of visiting other countries and shared their thoughts on how Brazil compares to the practices elsewhere... The clips can be viewed with annotatios by clicking here