Women responsible for 70% of car purchase decisions

Research amongst car buyers in Brazil has shown that women are responsible for 70% of car buying decisions either directly (40%) or as influencers of their male partners (30%). This was the finding of 2 separate pieces of research undertaken by Volkswagen and GM.  On top of this women represent 46% of the market for the services of automobile mechanics. Not wishing to query the findings of the studies the results seem to come up with some incredibly gender stereotyped findings. According to the studies, women are more likely to demand more space within the car for their bags and the heights of seats and to seek mirrors on the sun shades both for the driver and passenger. Other factors of influence include the external appearance and brand status as well as height and visibility.  The research findings also highlighted that men seem to view the car as a symbol of power and women as objects of independence and viability. Elsewhere research has served to confirm the influence of women as consumers in Brazil. Women currently represent 51% of the population and economicaly responsible for 36% of homes, occupying 56% of places in Universities and owners of 45% of all credit cards and 48% of current accounts in Brazilian banks. Women are responsible for 65% of all purchases of durable goods and influence 77% of all home purchase decisions. In the field of housing construction research undertaken by Telhanorte showed a 27% rise in the number of purchases being made by women in this market between 2006 and 2008.

Source : InfoMoney