Caloi calls on brand heritage for new marketing activity

One of Brazil’s longest standing brands announced a makeover in its visual look last week in an attempt to “rescue an identity lost in recent years”. With a campaign set to run across different media platforms, Caloi aims to return to its once dominant position in the Brazilian bicycle market.  With the launch of a new website and campaigns across the Cartoon Network and Telecine, Caloi also aims to launch events at airports to promote its 110 years of bicycles in Brazil.  The brand was born in 1898 when the Italian Luigi Caloi arrived in Brazil and founded the company in Sao Paulo, originally importing bicycles from Italy but after difficulties experienced during the Second World War the company began making their own bikes. The company reached its peak in terms of public awareness during the 1970’s with TV ad campaigns  such as this here… In the 1980s Caloi were joined in the national market by Monark whose target market was more the adult cyclist while Caloi focused on the youth market.  Though having a limited public profile the brand has increasingly attempted to use niche marketing techniques and sponsored sporting events aimed at young people.  The company ceased to be a family owned entity in 1999 when the company was sold. The brand now incorporates not only bicycles but a range of fitness products.  The company also has a US subsidiary opened in the 1990s and based in Florida. The US based Caloi, now big in the cruiser market, moved from mountain biking into the road-racing market and for some time co-sponsored the Motorola-Caloi team. Among those cyclists who rode Caloi bicycles designed by Eddie Mercx, was Lance Armstrong, as the main athlete. Source - Geocorp