Brazilian consumers and purchase decisions

Brazilian consumers are relatively unlikely to be daring at he point of sale, preferring to refer back to past purchase practices as their primary information sources followed by the opinions of their peers, family and friends. These are the results from a new research study undertaken with approximately 19 thousand Brazilians between the ages of 12 and 64 in the principal metropolitan regions and which analysed products in 200 different categories. The findings highlighted varied primary information sources for different products; for cars and electronics the internet and newspaper appear to be most influential, health and lifestyle purchases tend to be most influenced by magazines. TV is defined as most influential amongst products for the home, including food and home electronics. Point of sale influencers do appear to be increasingly important especially amongst young people, as does word of mouth – especially in specific markets such as the mobile phone.

Elsewhere an additional research study has highlighted the fact that Brazilians are the most demanding consumers across South America. They are most likely 53% to discuss purchases with others, inlcuding their children. When deciding between products 86% of Brazilians are influenced by brands and 80% by the influence of a professional.

Source: InfoMoney