The Cultural Life of Brazilians

A recent study has shed some light on the cultural life of Brazilians. According to the key findings, during the year 2007, there would appear to be a small group of consumers who are undertaking a number of cultural activities, whilst the vast majority of Brazilians appear to be excluded or self excluding. Unfortuantely the results do not indicate where and whether individuals are indeed taking part in a number of activities as opposed to just one of those listed below. Here are the headline findings. - 55% of Brazilians did not participate in any of the following activities: reading a book, visiting the theatre or an art exhibition, going to the cinema or to a live music or dance event - of the 45% who did - 31% read on average 5 books - 6%viewed on average 3 plays - 8% went on average to 2 art exhibitions - 17% went to the cinema on average 5 times - 20% went to see an average of 4 music shows - 7% to see an average of 32 live dance shows

Of those who were not reading books amongst social classes A and B, 59% reported that it was the lack of habit and 19% that they do not like to read or prefer other activities (13%). Results almost identical to classes D and E (58%, 27% and 8%). The high costs of tickets and books were an additional reason for exclusion cited by lower socio economic classes. Having previously posted here about the cost of books and access to literature in Brazil it was interesting to note that Brazilians believe that a fair price for cultural products should be as follows: Book – $19 Reals Cinema ticket - $8 Reals Music event - $15 Reals Theater ticket - $14 Reals Art Exhibition - $11 Reals

The research was undertaken by Ipsos (on behalf of Fecomércio-RJ) in more than 70 locations across Brazil. More details on the research can be found at