The 4th largest in the world, the beer market in Brazil has been undergoing something of a revival of late. Traditionally it has been dominated by ice-cold Pilsners from the major brands from Inbev (Brahma, Antartica, Bohemia and Skol) and Femsa (Kaiser, Bavaria). There are a number of strong regional brands such as Cerpa in the North and the Mexican brand Sol was recently launched in Brazil. More interesting however has been the increasing presence in bars and on supermarket shelves of a range of both more specialist foreign imports (soon to include the likes of Hoegaarden and London Pride) and the products of smaller national micro-breweries. In much the same way as the national wine market has become the focus of investment of late, a number of premium Brazilian draft and bottled beers have risen in prominence. Eisenbahn has to be one of our favourite waiting to be discovered Brazilian brands. Founded in the German colonial town of Blumenau in the south of the country, Eisenbahn produces a range of beers that include both light and dark beers, a Pale Ale and an Organic Pilsen. Not only does the product taste good but the brand benefits from distinctive packaging across the range and a great story behind the brewery and its look. Eisenbahn attempts to recreate traditional German brewing techniques and is the only Brazilian brewery to follow the 1516 German Beer Purity regulations. The brewery which is open to visitors includes a bar named the Eisenbahn station. Eisenbahn in German means railroad and the site of the brewery lays next to the towns one–time railway station. It also helps to explain why the brand logo, the train appears on all the companies products.