40% of Brazilians unhappy with their TV content

According to a recent research report from Accenture entitled 'Television in Transition', Brazilian consumers are more dissatisfied with their current TV offer than their counte in most other nations. The global survey attempted to offer a detailed investigation into contemporary consumer values towards consuming and interacting with TV content.

Findings of specific relevance to the Brazilian market include the following:

•    The greatest dissatisfaction with ‘live’ TV amongst Brazilian consumers appears to be commercials – as in all of the countries surveyed, although interestingly Brazilians are significantly less dissatisfied than consumers elsewhere

•    Following shortly behind this appears to be a general dissatisfaction (40%) with TV content

•    This perhaps explains why 46% of respondents stated an interest in paying for downloadable TV content and why Brazilians are the most interested in the availability of content on demand

•    Consumer interest in viewing via alternative devices is high in Brazil – 59% by PC and 51% by mobile device

Headline findings from the report point to a number of global trends - include the following:

•    Content offer is driving uptake of consumption across alternative platforms – mobile for news and info, PC for full-length programming

•    The shift towards new modes of consumption is being spearheaded by the Under 35 market who are most dissatisfied with current TV output and more likely to watch content on demand

•    Young consumers are the happiest to pay for content. Consumers are happiest paying for content by means of viewing advertising, ahead of financial payment per show or subscription

•    3 out of 10 adults across the 8 sample nations now watch some content every week via alternative devices such as the mobile or PC.

•    Even TV traditionalists watching in home are changing their habits – stating an interest in enhanced functions and the ability to construct personalised schedules to control their viewing experiences

•    Loyalty continues to shift toward content over supplier source

The Accenture Broadcast Consumer Survey, is a questionnaire led study which involved 7,000 consumers in 8 countries across Europe, the US, Brazil and Mexico. Research in Brazil was conducted via a telephone survey amongst adults between the ages of 18 and 64.