Build your own airline


We have been following with interest the increasing number of examples worldwide of consumer created marketing. Click here for a few more examples from the Digital Dialogues site.  The phenomenon seems to have reached Brazil where last week the US airline operator JetBlue announced its landing here in Brazil in a somewhat innovative manner. 

  • The public have been invited to enter the company's YOU CHOOSE site - available here and once registered then go on to do any one of the following
  • choose the name of the airline
  • characteristics of the service
  • the airline routes
  • the uniforms of in-flight attendants (could be interesting) 

 The rise in the 'Wisdom of Crowds' approach to marketing is naturally of interest to us and as researchers it would be easy to be critical of this form of consumer consultation. That said we'll be keeping an eye on the progress of JetBlue in weeks to come.