Pão de Açúcar goes greener


On the continuing ‘green’ turn in the Brazilian market, the latest to joing the trend are the supermarket chain Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf). According to MundodeMarketing this week that they are to invest more in their own label range of organic products but also that they will build a 1600m² store in the interior of Sao Paulo state as a green concept store. The store will stock increasing levels of organic produce and operate under the premise of sustainability. Apparently all staff will be hired on their ability to prove past experience in the field of sustainability! Within their stores, the company also announced a range of new organic jams and  cooking oils to their existing range under the brand marker ‘Taeq’.  The products are made from ingredients produced without the use of agrotoxics, including sugar. In total the store boasts more than 180 such products.