Share your mobile???

Nokia announced last week that they were launching two handsets aimed at consumers in emerging markets.  The launch of the Nokia 2600 classic and the Nokia 1209 is based on research which identified a rise in the sharing of mobile phones.   Cost sensitivity and the desire for customisation are cited as important issues however a new trend appears to be emerging: phone sharing. "More than 50% of respondents in India, Pakistan and nearly 30% in Vietnam indicate that they share, or would share, their mobile phone with family or friends – a figure which contrasts consumer behaviour in more mature markets". As a result the Nokia 1209, offers additional cost management features to make phone sharing easy and convenient. Innovations include the pre-paid tracker, a cost-tracking application, and the multiple phonebook – which allows up to five people to store personal contact lists of up to two hundred numbers on a single phone.

So do you share your phone with others, or have you in the past...

what do you think of Nokia's initiative?