Since blogamericas was launched the idea was to create a site to discuss some of the more interesting elements of consumer behaviour here in Brasil. This has included a wide range of subjects, from the segmentation of the football public to the ‘greenwashing’ in marketing.  We will continue to do so and post on a wide range of subject as and when we see fit. However, we will now begin to post on a more regular basis about some specific subjects. In recent months Dr Tim Lucas has been teaching at FAAP in São Paulo on their new Social Media course. This blog is also now going to be one of the featured blogs on the site of Proxxima magazine – dedicated to the best in all things digital communications and marketing from Brasil. A huge privilege so we will taking advantage for the next few weeks to start posting about some issues surrounding consumers and digital media focusing both on issues here in Brazil but also some good studies from outside of Brazil and their implications for Brazilian brands and consumers.