Less Plastic Bags in Brazil

Earlier this week the Brazilian environmental minister announced a new scheme (Consumo Consciente de Embalagens: Conscious Packaging Consumption) which aims to incentivise the reduction in usage of packaging and plastic bags. The scheme was launched with the slogan “The choice is yours, the planet is ours”. The campaign objective is to raise awareness amongst consumers of the packaging that accompanies products that they buy. Producers, wholesales and consumers will be the target of the campaign which aims to introduce the possibilities of alternatives of current packaging. The second focus of the campaign will be to substitute plastic bags in supermarkets for reusable bags. As the Minister stated, it is all about generating a change in habits…yet this rather underplays the policy and role of supermarkets. Anyone who has shopped in a Brazilian supermarket cannot fail to have noticed that it is a regular occurrence to receive more plastic bags than items purchased. We certainly intend to follow up this story in the immediate future.  Read more on this story in Portugues here